In a tubing operation which is often referred to as a sleeve resection or sleeve gastrectomy, the surgeon removes a part of the organ. As a result, the stomach is reduced by about 80-90 %. The remaining tubular residual stomach (2-3 cm) then has a new gastric volume of approximately 85-150 ml. In comparison: An ordinary stomach holds 2-3 liters. Because of the lower capacity of the tubular stomach, the patient not only eats less, due to the rapid elongation of the stomach wall, he feels prematurely saturated, too. But, the general aim of the gastric reduction is the removal of the large stomach of engraving, in which the gastrointestinal hormones, the so-called hunger hormones such as ghrelin, are produced. For this reason, in Turkey the gastric sleeve surgery is often referred to as a “metabolic surgery”, because by means of this technique, the appetite is also restrained. Furthermore, such a restrictive gastric surgery leads to significant improvements in patients who suffer from diabetes.

Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery in Turkey

Further advantages of the sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Turkey are, firstly that no foreign bodies (e.g., gastric band) have to be introduced, and on the other, the function of the stomach remains intact. That is, in case of a tube stomach, the closure of the stomach entrance and exit is retained. It is also good that just a few weeks after the gastric reduction, all the food is allowed again.

The gastric sleeve surgery is often just one component of adiposity treatment. Because, in the case of extremely obese patients, a sleeve gastrorectomy, although very efficient, can be considered as inappropriate in case of persistent bad diet habits – like eating lots of sweets or sugary drinks – in the future. In such cases, a so-called maloperative procedure (e.g., gastric bypass) then makes sense. Furthermore, the sleeve gastrorectomy is not compatible for people with a reflux disease, because the heartburn could strengthen after a stomach OP.

Generally, the sleeve gastrorectomy is a minimally invasive stomach-surgical technique, which is laparoscopically performed using the key-hole method and under general anesthesia by your specialist surgeon in Turkey. In Turkey, the duration of hospital stay after the tubing operation is about 5-7 days.

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