Costs of Gastric Surgery in Turkey

Although adiposity has been recognized as a disease in Germany, it does not support the appropriate treatment for each patient financially. Whether the insurance pay for gastric surgery, it is dependent of various conditions, a large number of investigations as well as medical preliminary talks.

The prices of the different bariatric procedures not only vary per country and region, but also of the practitioners of the respective hospital. It is thus that costs in Turkey are up to 70 % lower than in England, Norway, Germany and other european countries. In addition, the opportunity of paying installments is often offered in Turkey, if there is no participation in costs by the health insurance.

Why you should perform your Gastric Surgery in Turkey

Why you should perform your Gastric Surgery in Turkey

In Turkey, there are not only the same medical standards as in England, Norway, Germany and other european countries, but the costs – in particular, if no reimbursement of costs is guaranteed by the insurance company – are significantly cheaper (see costs of stomach surgery in Turkey). In addition, the designation ‘cosmetic surgeon’ is strictly regulated in Turkey – that is, before the doctor is allowed to be titled accordingly, both an additional training must have been acquired and at least five years must have been practiced in this field.

Furthermore, the following services are usually included for stomach-OPs in Turkey:

  • Preliminary examination & professional consultation
  • Operation costs and, if necessary, appointments with chief physicians
  • inpatient stay incl. meals
  • Dietary advice & preparation of a diet-plan
  • Specific medicines (also after discharge from the hospital)
  • Hotel-hospital Transfer
  • English-/German-speaking doctors or a translator during the entire course of treatment